Introducing HYVE Protocol

HYVE Protocol

Within the HYVE ecosystem, tasks can be differentiated with the assistance of various factors. The most prominent of those is the way tasks are verified.

  • Human Verified Tasks
  • Protocol Verified Tasks

Things you can do with the HYVE Protocol

Generally, the Protocol allows any user to create digital tasks with virtually no applicable restrictions in terms of mechanics. The most common examples would naturally be different forms of sign-ups, gamified tasks and things like surveys and questionnaires.

Global Surveys

An interesting application of our last example would be government surveys, where a small reward could be offered for the completion of said survey. Since this can very well be done digitally it would open the door for a new realm of statistics. People are incentivized to give the correct and honest answers and can even maintain their anonymity while doing so, allowing us to better understand the various phenomena around us and their effect.

Artificial Intelligence

There’s also a rather unexpected application the protocol can have. Once the library is set up you can just start posting any task you want. Now let’s take a look at the way AIs work and learn. The most common method to train artificial intelligence is by teaching them how something works through consecutive iterations of that exact same thing.

What we thought 2020 would be like versus the reality

HYVE API Library

The HYVE API Library is the interface used for communicating with the protocol. Its purpose is to make it easier for developers to implement the Protocol functionalities in their app.

An in-depth view of the HIVE Library tech stack

Using the HYVE Library or going the traditional way?

While the library is great for a lot of things, currently there are tasks which cannot become self-verifiable.

Let us know what your thoughts are on self-verifiable tasks. What’s the most useful one you can come up with?

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