HYVE Q4 Update 2/2: Pre-Registrations, HYVE Cards, Bit2Big Partnership

But until then, let’s move on to our updates!

The HYVE Card Design Competition

Alright guys, so as most of you know, we pre-ordered 20,000 co-branded cards. So on that note, our first announcement is that we finished the design for it, but we’d like to have the community make the final decision between the different options.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Bit2Big Partnership

Alright, so we’ve already hinted at this ever since the last update but today we’re making it official. HYVE is entering a partnership with the African Liquidity Provider and OTC Desk Bit2Big.

  • We’ll be allowing Bit2Big to use their native token on HYVE for various tasks.
  • Any HYVE card holder will be able to go into Bit2Big supported locations and make use of it since Bit2Big is also a supplier of XPOS devices.
  • HYVE users will be able to go inside Bit2Big OTC Desks in order to exchange their earned cryptocurrencies in fiat money. Not only that, but they’ll be able to exchange it in the native African currency of their respective country.
  • Furthermore, Bit2Big and HYVE will be working closely together on capturing the African market. We’ll be releasing more updates on this after the platform launch.

HYVE Pre-Registration Start Date

Alright, finally the thing you were all waiting for. The pre-registrations for HYVE will be starting on January 25th, or in other words, in two months from now.

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