Development Update, UniSwap LP, Future Plans & A Surprise


Before we start discussing the mainnet release, let’s talk about something that’s right around the corner. We’re going to be starting the HYVE pre-registration event next week!

Product Update & New Roadmap

Alright guys, so let’s take it step by step. Many of you have raised this issue and even merrier are the projects already facing large challenges because of this very thing; to be more exact, we’re talking about gas fees.

First Release

The first version of the HYVE mainnet is scheduled to be launched in June — July. As we near the date, we will announce a fixed date. The first mainnet release will include almost all the various features of HYVE that we’ve detailed.

Second Release

The second release will also include further upgrades to the existing features, including but not limited to: making it easier to find members for a HYVE as well as improving the collaboration component, (i.e. offers, tasks, jobs offers, competitions etc) based on the user feedback we receive with the first version, more voting options for the community as well as improved mechanisms for earning by allowing users to sustain the platform or become curators. Furthermore, with each subsequent release we will become more and more decentralized until HYVE as a whole is entirely community-governed and fully decentralized. Though this will take a few releases.

Infrastructure Decisions

We’ve gone for Optimism or xDai because either one of them also helps us in having a good development workflow by being able to change and upgrade parts of the system as we go along.

Other Updates

After pre-registrations start next week we’ll shift most of our focus towards getting people to sign-up and increase the HYVE community. After all, as a user very aptly said in our telegram chat last week, the HYVE thryves together.


We’re also trying to enlarge our team with 3 new developers and we should be able to onboard all of them by the end of March, allowing us to build faster. On that same note, we’re already looking to take some new people on various positions and by the time the first mainnet release is live our team should be much larger.

Liquidity Providing

Ok guys, so this was actually a hard one choice to make. Some of you suggested that we add more liquidity, and we were in agreement with that. The problem is that we initially wanted to list HYVE on PancakeSwap as well, instead of having it just on UniSwap as we’ve already established that DEXs are the future.

UniSwap LP Event

We’ve just added extra liquidity to UniSwap today, now there is around $1M in total liquidity on Uniswap.

The Surprise: PancakeSwap Liquidity Event

Listing on PancakeSwap is a bit harder because we need to exchange some HYVE ERC20 tokens for HYVE BEP20 tokens so the initial LP event for PancakeSwap will most likely take place towards the end of next week.

That’s it for today guys, stay tuned for the PancakeSwap and Pre-Registration Announcements!

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