In the past few days, many of you have asked our CEO, Tudor Stomff, a couple of questions about the project. We also had an AMA session last week, so we decided to compile some of the most important topics and questions regarding HYVE, the blockchain and how we see the workforce industry here at HYVE. 🔥

Q: When will you update the website and the roadmap?

A: We will update it with all the new info in the next ~2 weeks, we need to add quite a few things to it.

Q: Any plans to get listed on any…

Back in 2009, and for quite an extensive period afterward, the technology behind Blockchain could be used only by developers and tech-savvy people. Since then, we’ve come a long way, and while the technology has advanced and cryptocurrency became mainstream.

Perhaps the most monumental and controversial period of this technology took place within the past 2 years.

Even muppets joined in on the fun. Granted, not everyone remained unmoved after all the global developments and price changes.

Looking at all this in retrospect, we arrive at the conclusion that from this point forward, Blockchain can have real-life applications. …

As you already know, we’ll be providing liquidity on PancakeSwap soon. The event will take place Wednesday, on the 17th of March in the afternoon on PST time. Generally, the listing should take place around 8–10PM Pacific Standard Time.

Once the listing takes place, we will lock the liquidity as we did with the liquidity provided on UniSwap. We will be offering approximately $400K in liquidity on PancakeSwap, this number may vary by a bit depending on the exact exchange rates on Wednesday so we will be updating this number after the TXid has been made.

The Circulating Supply will…

As promised, today we’re kicking off the pre-registrations for HYVE. The pre-registrations are rolled out as a set of questions and the collection of email addresses.

Pre-Register HERE!

Over time, we might change the questions based on the answers we receive in order to get as much feedback as possible from this exercise.

As for the emails you use to sign-up, we will, after a little while, start a mailing list in order to keep everyone up to date with the most recent HYVE developments.

The HYVE cards will soon enter in production and we’ll most likely start sending them out shortly…

We know you’ve waited a while for this, but we think it’ll be worth it. Nonetheless, this is merely the start of what we have planned for this quarter and the next, because HYVE will now start to shift its attention towards the public much more as we get closer to the release of the platform.


Before we start discussing the mainnet release, let’s talk about something that’s right around the corner. We’re going to be starting the HYVE pre-registration event next week!

Today we are introducing our first integration partner, UTU Protocol. The UTU Trust Infrastructure will be able to function directly on top of HYVE so that any user can enjoy its features.

Through this update, we are also opening up the gates for awesome decentralized apps to start getting integrated into HYVE, with many more to come, including lending protocols, accounting dApps and various other helpful products.

UTU Protocol

UTU’s trust infrastructure, through the use of machine learning, social graphs, and oracles, adds a layer of trust that allows a platform’s users — whether they are buyers, sellers, lenders, or borrowers —…

As promised, we’re kicking off our 2nd Liquidity Mining Round for UniSwap on the HYVE — ETH pair.

We are happy to announce that the round will be ran through Easystake, a TosDis product, as the first verified staking pool. TosDis Easystake offers an easy to use, Permissionless, and completely decentralized solution to all the ERC20 projects at a fraction of a cost.

About TosDis Platform

Ideas of liberty and decentralization started coming into shape during the early 19th century. First heralded by French historian Tocqueville in response to events unfolding after the revolution, it became quickly adopted and subsequently promoted by the first self-proclaimed anarchist, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon.

Since then, the idea of decentralization has come a long way, becoming the foundation for one of the 21st century most disruptive technologies, blockchain technology, among many other applications.

Early forms of decentralization

Before jumping into modern day applications of decentralization let’s start with something more fundamental — collaborative groups. To better understand these groups, we’ll look at animals.

Bees live in…

Let’s start with a short recap of what took place in January. First, we’ll go through the big things that took place and then also mention some of the things that we haven’t found a way to publicize in other ways. After that we’ll go to what’s next for HYVE.


As promised, we’re here with our next weekly update. This time, it’s about our new Market Making partners, Kairon Labs.

In the past few months we have come to learn several things, and one of them was that having a healthy trading volume is necessary for the long-term success of any publicly traded company, especially so in the cryptocurrency space.

As such, while we have already seen tremendous improvements in the past week, having just broken $1,000,000+ trading volume in just the last 24 hours, we want to announce that in the next week Kairon Labs will start acting as…


A DeFi centric autonomous ecosystem built on top of the multi billion workforce industry 🐝

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